While making the website AgroBnB, I noticed that all these lodging venues are beautiful, but some of them could use an upgrade with photo's and even better have a 30 second drone video of their awesome farms and lodging venues. The whole reason I made this website is to promote Ecotourism and hopefully give these farmers an extra source of revenue, so how could I get them better pictures and a Drone video without charging much money or any money at all.  My solution is dronestays.com and phostays.com.  Both are the same concept, I want to have qualified photographers to take pictures of these lodging venues for free in return for a 2 night stay at the lodging establishment.  

I want to build these two websites, but I don't have enough lodging venues, so this is sign up page for lodging venues and for additional photographers.  The photographer side has been very easy. I have photographers ready to get started, most are retired and are looking for a cheap way to travel and they are fantastic photographers so I am hoping this is a win-win for everyone involved.  Similar to AgroBnB, I am not currently taking any commission on either side.  I am just linking up photographer to lodging venue.

For Hotels, B&B's, Resort's, and AgroBnB's:

Please email millerab78@yahoo.com.  Please put in the header to the email "DroneStays Hotel" if you are looking for Drone photography and "Phostays Hotel" if you are looking for still picture photography.  This will alert me that you are interested and I will link you up with an appropriate photographer.  At this point, I only plan to link up photographer with the lodging venue and after the footage is complete, please email me a copy of the video or photo's so I can upload the video on the website and the lodging venue will also get a link to their website.

For Photographer's and Drone Photographers:

Please email millerab78@yahoo.com.  Please put in the header to the email "Dronestays photographer" if you are interested in Drone photography and "Phostays photographer" if you are skilled at still photo's.  Also include at least 2 videos that you have taken and edited for Drone photographers and for still photographers please include at least 10 pictures of interior style photos.  NOT EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER WILL GET APPROVED.